Orbits and Connections

This series of work is related to physical constant motion. The intention was to make a visual analogy with an imaginary world, shifting between solid and liquid elements, which is a basic natural law. Whether in a cosmic or earthly (biological) level, everything turns around something or shifts in search of connection. The works are a mixed media production in which I used iron rust transferred (on paper or canvas), water colour and acrylic paint. I have been using rusted iron plates submersed in water to provoke oxidation for the past ten years. My fascination with the effect is the alchemic reaction of oxidation, which is the mineral return to its natural form.

The ambiguity of a form, consciously controlled (by the plates design) and its texture, is the autonomous expression that I symbolically associate to our subconscious independent ways of manifesting ourselves. The visual consequence, in my opinion, is a surface of living organisms. Once the design structure is defined, watercolor comes into the form, and then acrylic paint is played on the larger areas. Finally, transparencies and lines occur with the intention of establishing a harmonious dialogue between the composition’s elements.

Selected Works